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Qualified Dog Behavioral Expert & Veterinary Nurse - Hertfordshire & Essex (07851 299 560)

Canine & Feline Behaviour Associate

Canine & Feline
Behaviour Associate

Member of The Guild of Dog Trainers

Member of The
Guild Of Dog Trainers

Animal Nanny - Qualifications & Work Experience

The qualifications I have obtained within my profession ensure that I am able to deliver a quality service.

In 1996 I received The Royal Veterinary College Veterinary Nursing certificate, after 2 years of work based study, two written exams and four oral/practical exams. I studied with The College of Animal Welfare in Huntingdon and did my initial training at a local practice in Hertfordshire. Since then I have also studied for the Veterinary Nursing Surgical Diploma, worked in several different counties and completed various, pet nutrition, dentistry and canine behaviour courses. I am currently undertaking a further qualification in advanced canine behaviour.

I have worked within the veterinary profession in practice for over 15 years and have taken on various roles from trainee vet nurse right up to the position of head nurse. I am also qualified to teach trainee nurses and am always more than willing to assist owners in the care of their pet!

I have been heavily involved in canine hydrotherapy for the last 7 years and still currently swim dogs at a hydrotherapy centre this requires a level of medical knowledge and also necessary behaviour skills as the dogs can sometimes find initial swims quite daunting, particularly if they are in pain or have never swum before.

I pride myself that while offering a professional service I am still able to provide a relaxed, friendly relationship with my clients so that they always feel happy to call me.

Work with Charities

I always wanted the business to be able to help out animal based charities where I possibly could and so I approached a few and am now working with two of them.

The first is The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association, through this organisation I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people as well as some of the most amazing dogs you will ever come across. I became involved as a result of the Pet Taxi side of the business. Often dog’s require transportation to visit the vet or central guide dogs site and so they call me to help out. Very often I would take the owners as well and I’m more than happy to sit and listen to their tales of owning a guide dog.

The second is Labrador Rescue South East Central, I have been fortunate enough to do behavioural consultations for  rescue dogs entering their new homes. Some are mentally scarred from previous ownership or they may just be confused as to where their previous owners are. They all require help to re-adjust and the new owners can feel more settled that they have enough information and advice to deal with any problems they may face. This charity is close to my heart for obvious reasons and I’m am proud to be associated with them. Labrador Rescue can be contacted through their website

My own pets

My love of animals starts at home with my loyal friends, George and Merlin! Merlin is the most expensive black Labrador on Earth but worth every penny. In the 10 years I have had him he has cost in the region of £12,000 in vet fees! Thank goodness for insurance, and all clients be warned - Remember To Insure Your Pet! Unfortunately he has been blessed with a common Labrador condition known as Atopy. This basically means he is allergic……. To Life!!! There isn’t really much that Merlin can tolerate and the result is that he is extremely itchy most of the time, he is on a strict management programme of medication and bathing whilst also trying to keep his exposure to certain factors to a minimum. I have done extensive research into the problem and I’m always willing to discuss ways of managing the condition with clients as many dogs suffer from it to varying degrees. However, despite his problem he has a fantastic life and spends lots of time getting up to mischief.. and usually getting away with it!!

We spend quality time together riding through the countryside with Merlin out in front George and I are more than happy to jog along behind! George is a 16 hand Thoroughbred X Irish Draft and I’ve owned him for 3 years, my love of horses started when I was a child and I have helped out on various yards in order to just be around them. I am now fortunate enough to have my own and enjoy every minute of him!

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar
An Insight into the
Mind of the Dog

09th October 2012

Roebuck Hotel,
Ware, Herts

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