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Canine & Feline Behaviour Associate

Canine & Feline
Behaviour Associate

Member of The Guild of Dog Trainers

Member of The
Guild Of Dog Trainers

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Home Pet Sitter - Sylvia EdwardsSylvia Edwards was born and raised in England, and moved to America when she was 18. She married there, had two sons, and later was divorced; the sons are now grown.

Sylvia was in the airline industry for 35 years; three with British Airways, and 32 with Qantas Airways. She was the manager of the Reservations Department in Tucson Arizona prior to retirement, responsible for over a hundred staff and supervisors. Sylvia decided on a complete career change, and went to school to become an esthetician, opening a small spa in her community.

Although her favourite career, it unfortunately was not lucrative and she had to dissolve the business. In 2010 she moved back to California, where her sons had been raised and still lived. Just three short weeks after moving, she lost her beloved dog who was eleven. Sylvia had always had pets. Dogs, cats and often both at the same time, but she felt she could not replace her best friend, so instead worked with a greyhound rescue for a while as a foster Mum, something she also did while in Tucson.


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A little over a year ago, she started to take in dog boarders which has provided a needed service to the community, while giving Sylvia her much needed 'dog fix'. Because homeowner regulations permit only two dogs at a time - she is in great demand - and has many repeat clients. In addition for clients with cats, she will visit their home and take care of feeding and litter box changes etc.

She has garnered a reputation for honesty, integrity and being a huge animal lover - always putting the needs of the animal first. While she has boarders she will never be away from home for more than a couple of hours at a time - just to go to the gym or do her grocery shopping.

For the last few years, having an ailing mother in England has necessitated semi-annual visits to Hertfordshire and this year Sylvia has decided that she would like to stay longer. In addition to visiting her mum she plans to see a bit of the country where she was born. As part of that visit Sylvia will be available between April and September to house/pet sit for you providing excellent care for your pets and home.

If you are interested or have any further questions please contact Jo on 07851 299 560 for more information or to discuss your personal needs.

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar
An Insight into the
Mind of the Dog

09th October 2012

Roebuck Hotel,
Ware, Herts

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