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Qualified Dog Behavioral Expert & Veterinary Nurse - Hertfordshire & Essex (07851 299 560)

Canine & Feline Behaviour Associate

Canine & Feline
Behaviour Associate

Member of The Guild of Dog Trainers

Member of The
Guild Of Dog Trainers

Holiday Care For Your Cat

Animal Nanny - Care for your catComplete care for your feline friend in the comfort of their own home. Feeding, grooming, cleaning litter trays and exercising all part of the package, ensuring the least amount of stress for them while you're away as normal routines are of paramount importance to cats.

I am also happy to bring in mail, open/close curtains, water plants and ensure the security of your home. Keys in my possession are kept secured during the day and locked away in my home overnight. The keys are labeled with the animals initials only, to ensure they can never be traced to your home.

Home Visits

Does your cat need a once over, has he got matted fur and is terrified of the vets? Animal Nanny will come to your home and address any grooming problems your cat has. They are much more relaxed and able to cope with situations when in familiar surroundings.

I’ll visit your home to administer medications, clip nails or give general help and advice on dietary and health problems.

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar
An Insight into the
Mind of the Dog

09th October 2012

Roebuck Hotel,
Ware, Herts

ONLY 20!


GenCon All-In-1 Headcollar & Lead

Recommended by Jo and other behaviour professionals, the GenCon All-In-1 is the gentle approach to stop your dog pulling and allows you to control even the most excitable and strong dogs.

NEW range of colours in a quilted lead webbing.

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