Qualified Dog Behavioral Expert & Veterinary Nurse - Hertfordshire & Essex (07851 299 560)
Animal Nanny - Professional Animal Care, training and transportation services

Canine & Feline Behaviour Associate

Canine & Feline
Behaviour Associate

Member of The Guild of Dog Trainers

Member of The
Guild Of Dog Trainers

Care for your horse - help with a yard or just the one?

Young, old calm or lively?

Away for a holiday or just the odd day?

All horses needs are catered for...

Animal Nanny provides a friendly, reliable and efficient service to ensure you don't have to worry about your treasured pet. All requests are adhered to, and done exactly how you would do them yourself.

I can provide the following services...

Animal Nanny Equine Care
  • Mucking/skipping out
  • Water change
  • Feeding
  • Medications/supplements administered
  • Haynets filled/soaked if required
  • Rug changes
  • Hooves picked out
  • General grooming
  • Turn out/bring in
  • Lunging
  • Schooling
  • Hacking out
Animal Nanny - Jo Croft (07851 299 560 or email: jo@animal-nanny.co.uk)