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Canine & Feline
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Member of The
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Client Testimonials for Jo Croft - Animal Nanny


Lesley & Arnie, July 2012 - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"Hi Jo - Hope that you are well, just a little bit of info about Arnie. He was born on the 6th Sept 2011, he is a very cute Shi tzu, but he has HAD a few problems or perhaps I should say we had the problem and Arnie was very clever on picking up on it.

Arnie was 6 months old when we had him casterated, thinking that it would quieten him down? Not quite so, I think it had the reverse affect.

Arnie was refusing to eat anything associated to dog food, we have spent a small fortune on different foods to no avail, then we started giving him our food, BIG MISTAKE!

Arnie also was a bit nippy to the point where we were sustaining some nasty bruising and cuts. We were at our wits end, I was going to work every day leaving my Mum at home with him not knowing what he would do to her, sometimes I would come home from work and she would be in tears.

To be honest I was thinking of trying to rehome him, until by coincidence my Husband was talking to someone in the park and she just so happened to mention Jo Croft.

After spending 4 hours with Jo, and digging deep into our hearts working together and being consistent, it is all about tough love. Jo reminded us that Arnie is a dog not a human being, and his needs are different to ours and despite what we say to him words don't mean anything - actions speak louder.

Arnie is now well behaved, eats his food as he should and has good manners, all thanks to Jo - we now have the perfect little pet who fits into our home beautifully.

Thanks Jo"

Chris & Vee, July 2012 - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"Hi Jo - Just to let you know that we were really impressed with the work you did with our two Dobermanns, Alfie and Chloe.

In the space of an afternoon you gave us two happy dogs in place of one stressed and anxious rescue dog and one dog whose life had been turned upside down by the new arrival.

Just two days after your visit they are playing happily, sleeping in the same room, calm and generally enjoying life together as are my husband and I now!

Your skill and attention to detail is second to none and worth every penny and then some. Anyone looking for a solution to their dog problem, big or small, should not hesitate to contact you as they will not regret it."


Jemma, Rich & Archie, June 2012 - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"We were recommended to Jo by our veterinary centre, having already tried one previous dog trainer which hadn't worked.

We were unsure whether to use Jo's services as the costs could be perceived as expensive for 3-4 hours work, but felt that we really had no other option if we wanted to improve the behaviour of our dog.

We had got our dog, Archie, from a rescue centre, and after a few weeks we realised that we had a problem dog. Along with a few guarding issues, Archie was very possessive over his food and had become aggressive and several occasions.

Jo arrived at our house she immediately took charge. Her authoritative demeanour and obvious knowledge quickly gave us the confidence that we had made the right choice in choosing Jo. After 5 hours at our home, Jo left us with the tools and advice we needed to change our dog's behaviour.

The 8 weeks following our meeting were challenging, but Jo was always on hand, either by phone, text or Email to provide support and advice, and always seemed more than happy to do so.

It has now been 3 months since we meet Jo, and I can quite confidently say that along with Jo's help we now have a completely different dog to the one that we had before Jo arrived. He is a much calmer, nicer, more obedient and ultimately a happy dog... and a happier dog to be around.

In our opinion, Jo has done an amazing job with Archie. For the amount of work, time and effort she has put in, the money we paid now seems like a bargain. Jo is clearly very passionate about what she does, and is very talented in what she does. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone that had a dog with behavioural issues.

It is not an understatement to say that without Jo's help, it is quite conceivable that by now Archie could have been back at the rescue centre... or even worse!!!

Thank you JO!!!!!"


Susan & Skye, June 2012 - Remote Consult
"Hi Jo. Thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know that things are going well here.

The overnight messing has not re-occurred and Skye is now very calm and relaxed at bedtime and more often than not comes in about 11.00pm and settles herself down on the kitchen floor ready for the baby gate to go up and the light to go off. We had visitors over at the weekend and this time kept her in the kitchen a bit longer and when we let her out she was much calmer. She is now sitting for her food even before I ask her to and lets me walk through doors/come down the stairs first.

I am so very grateful for the advice you have given me and have noticed a huge difference in Skye's behaviour over the past few weeks and the routines we now have in place have made owning a dog so much more pleasurable for me and a lot less hard work. I also feel I now understand Skye a lot better and am much more control.

Many thanks for all your help."

Jennifer White

Jennifer White, May 2012 - Canine Behaviour Seminar
"Dear Jo - I wanted to say such a massive thank you for the difference your seminar has made to my life with my 4 dogs, my dog grooming business and my partner who came along too, as we are now both in sync!

The immediate awareness and insight I got into dog communication and behaviour, how much they are trying to tell us without us listening! The distinction between behaviour, inherited and non-inherited, and training, and how understanding these simple distinctions gives us such access to truly transform our relationship to our dogs and our lives. By loving them as dogs we truly set them free.

With regard to my business, my confidence and ability to not only judge and be more aware of a dog's state of mind, but more importantly connect with them in a way that allows them to feel calmed and understood enriches mine and the dog's experience on a daily basis.

But it doesn't stop there! Walking in the woods a few days later it suddenly came to me that while I seemingly hadn't taken any direct action or changed anything at home my four dogs (and my partner) were happier, calmer. No flash points ie. getting out into the garden first, mad frenzied jumping up when either of us got home. Just wonderful, loving harmony and very happy dogs that were very pleased to see us but not shocked because they knew we were coming back, of course!

Just being aware of who they truly are and what they truly need had seeped into my life by osmosis and subtly changed everything.

So thank you SO much, and when's the next one!?! All my love and support."

Shirley Milton, April 2012 - Canine Behaviour Seminar
"Thanks Jo for a great behaviour seminar at Luxborough Lane last night (18/4). Jackie and myself thought it was interesting and stimulating. The time passed so quickly which proves how much we enjoyed it. Everything was so down to earth and easy to follow.

Jackie and myself have both had Shepherd's now for nearly 30 years, we both have 2 Shepherds and I also have a Slovakian Pointer - but you can never stop learning - every dog is so different.

If you do another similar seminar we would both really like to attend - and hopefully my friend who couldn't make last night. Thanks again!"


Suzanne, Neil & Sunny, January 2012 - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"We contacted Jo as we had problems with Sunny a 4 year old Labrador whom we had re-homed. He was very dominant over our other Labrador Molly and would bark aggressively at other dogs whilst out.

Jo observed Sunny's behaviour and then advised us how to make changes that would empower us as his leader and thus relieve his anxiety. We had a detailed plan to follow and the results were instant.

I am delighted to say he no longer dominates Molly and his behaviour towards other dogs has vastly improved and continues to do so.

The ongoing guidance is valuable and cannot thank Jo enough for the difference her amazing knowledge has made to Sunny's life and consequently ours.


Debbie & Buster, January 2012 - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"Hi Jo, Thank you so much for all your help and advice with Buster. The change in his behaviour is amazing. Within hours of seeing you he calmed down completely.

He no longer jumps up at people, he seems a lot more relaxed and calm in the house and thankfully no repeat of the behaviour which triggered our call to you. After a month things are still going really well - no relapses.

I can't thank you enough for responding the way in which you did - giving up your Sunday afternoon and taking so much time to explain where we had been going wrong and how we could change his behaviour. You made it so easy for us to implement and your follow up calls and emails afterwards were a great encouragement and support.

Now I understand why our vet sings your praises so highly. Thanks Jo!"

Sharon & Bruno, November 2011 - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"Sooo pleased with how my little boy is doing! Can't thank you enough for all your help. He's not liking the fact that he can't go upstairs, but he's doing really well. He was brave enough to a poo on his walk on Sunday - I was so proud of my little man. (god I'm sad!) it's seriously like having another baby.

He's doing well on the lead (although a bit frantic when we first get out) when we go across the field, he's off the lead and hardly moves from my side. And so far comes when called. He's sitting nicely at the kerb and when his lead goes on and off. Thanks again for all your help, I know that none of this would have been achievable without your advice.

I've told u before I think your a genius. And seriously thank u thank u thank u - we are really able 2 enjoy our puppy x"

Amanda & Artie - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"I just wanted to say, an enormous "thank you" for coming round last night. It was fabulous to meet you. Both mum and myself thought you were amazing, not only was your knowledge and expertise incredible but your nature and compassion was fantastic, we were absolutely fascinated by you and thought last night you did a marvelous job with Artie.

Must tell you, after you left Artie jumped on the settee, mother made some sort of Indian noise, the dog's face was a picture but he did leave the settee. Also, she is over the moon today, she took your advice and instructions and apparently he came straight out of the car! See you next Thursday!"

Ron & Ernie - Home Visit Behaviour Consult
"Hi Jo, I just had to say a big thank-you for the both of us your training was just the best we can not thank you enough for what you have shown us both."

Tracey and her dogs Harry & Bailey, Church Langley, Essex. - "Thank you for all the lovely walks, fuss and love you have shown us, we will miss you big time! And thanks for your 'Vet Nurse' help with Harry too, you've been amazing!"

Julie, and her yard with 9 horses, Sacombe Green, Hertfordshire. - "Thank you for all your help, horses and yard looked great, I'll definitely be using you again."

Dawn and Dusty, Turnford, Hertfordshire. - "Thank you so much for looking after Dusty and please feel free to use us as references we will be in touch again very soon for your services."

Jane and Charlie , Turnford, Hertfordshire. - "Many thanks for your help at such short notice, I will definitely be in touch regarding further dates in the future."

Ilona and Archie, Harlow, Essex. - "Thank you very much for looking after Archie and we look forward to being able to go away again knowing that he will be well looked after."

Lucia and Dixie, Turnford, Hertfordshire. - "Thank you for all your help with Dixie, she is a different dog, no more aggression!!!"

Alison and Tye & Sam, Roydon, Essex. - "Thank you for all your expertise and advice the dogs are 110% improved, we couldn't have done it without you!"

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar
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