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Qualified Dog Behavioral Expert & Veterinary Nurse - Hertfordshire & Essex (07851 299 560)

Canine & Feline Behaviour Associate

Canine & Feline
Behaviour Associate

Member of The Guild of Dog Trainers

Member of The
Guild Of Dog Trainers

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The PackAnimal Nanny was formed in May 2005, and is run by myself Jo Croft, a qualified veterinary nurse and canine behaviourist with 15 years veterinary practice experience!

I've had a love of animals since my childhood and am privileged to be working with many lovely creatures on a daily basis.

I'm fully insured and have both written references and clients who are happy to give verbal references. I'm recommended by many local veterinary practices, and have also been police checked. Please contact me if you would like further information on any of these.

Why choose Animal Nanny?

Animal Nanny has been set up with a grounding of extensive experience and qualifications. I wanted to offer my clients an avenue for them to come to for help, care, friendly and professional advice within their own home. Also allowing them to go away on holiday or off to work safe in the knowledge competent hands are caring for their much loved pet.

I've always had an interest in canine behaviour from early in my nursing career, it was always important to read a dogs body language in practice to avoid getting bitten! Various courses improved and increased my skills in handling and managing dogs with problems and since starting the business I have continued with this line of study. My work has been assessed by The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association - I'm an associate member and can be found on their website. Read more about my qualifications...

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar

Canine Behaviour Training Seminar
An Insight into the
Mind of the Dog

09th October 2012

Roebuck Hotel,
Ware, Herts

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GenCon All-In-1 Headcollar & Lead

Recommended by Jo and other behaviour professionals, the GENCON All-In-1 is the gentle approach to stop your dog pulling and allows you to control even the most excitable and strong dogs.

FULL range of colours in an equine lead webbing.

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